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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Romeo's Arrival

Deciding to add another cat to the family is a decision best not taken lightly. My 14-year-old Missy is spending lots of time alone these days and recently has been showing some signs of discontent. I finally decided that she could cope with another kitty and might enjoy the company. Enter Romeo... a rescued shelter cat with classic Maine Coon traits. He is eight months old and has been living in a private home with about 15-20 other cats for several months. He is very sweet and affectionate, active and curious. He knows his name and (usually) comes when called! Missy's initial reaction is as expected - none too pleased!! Much hissing and moaning whenever Romeo is in view. He takes it all in stride and seems to be just waiting to make friends. I'm keeping them mostly separated for now; have been told that I may need to do so for several weeks to accomplish a successful introduction. Wish us luck! Check out the
photo gallery here.

1 comment:

  1. What a gorgeous kitty -- I'm sure Missy will eventually "allow" Romeo to share her space!