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Monday, September 12, 2011


I haven't posted much lately... it's been a year of many changes. My brother James had a massive stroke last winter; he continues to recuperate slowly at home in Madison County. Dear cousin Robyn, the "breast cancer diva," lost her fierce battle on a bright summer day... joining cousins Jamie and Sue, both gone for just over a year. My mother finally lost her long struggle with Alzheimer's on August 8th. Two weeks later, I was laid off with no warning, "for budget reasons," from my job of 11 years. And I lost two lovely kitties and a house along the way. So it's time for new beginnings, in many ways... I'm still pedaling, as fast as I can!

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. Margaret Marshall, age 84, mother of my closest friend Gerry, recently provided a healthy dose of that, with a great big smile. Who knows what adventures yet await!


AND - not to be missed! Margaret's granddaughter - my god-daughter Rachel - recently arrived in Benin, Africa, for a two-year stint with the Peace Corps. Um... a little TOO much adventure for me!! Follow Rachel's posts here (but at the time of this writing, pictures were still not available):

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