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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back-Bach Book

I was involved with this project for several years and performed camera-ready typesetting for the book in 1993-94. (My father's mother was Laura Back, daughter of Solomon Back of Quicksand, Ky.) The Back-Bach Genealogical Society grew out of this project and continues to flourish to the present day. The book is out of print but is now available for free reading online, in its entirety, and may be ordered on CD-ROM (with updates), in searchable .PDF format, from the Society's web site - see

Dr. Reedus Back (former Academic Dean at Morehead State University in Morehead, Ky.), Coordinator and Director of Publication. Published by The Back-Bach Genealogical Society, printed by BookCrafters, Chelsea, Mi., 1994. This extensive book, a hefty 2-volume set, represents the lifetime projects of many family members combined into a single invaluable resource, with direct-line ancestry documented into the 1500's and including over 20,000 names of Back/Bach descendants. It includes the harrowing tale of Hermann Bach's immigration in 1738/9 on the ship Oliver, bound from Rotterdam to Virginia. "For stark, sheer tragedy, no recorded Virginia shipwreck can approach that which occurred more than two centuries ago... Here was tragedy at its worst, for the stranding followed a wretched voyage of five months..."

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