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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MonaGail's Corner

Come in and share my little corner of the web.
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  You'll find a mix of personal stories and photos, genealogy, favorite quotes and links. Some pages are dedicated to special people in my life, some to nothing more than "the wild imaginings of poets." You may shed a few tears with me, but I hope you will also find some smiles, useful information, and perhaps a bit of inspiration along the way.

 MONA: Irish, English -Anglicized form of the Gaelic name 'Muadhnait' meaning "noble, good"

English -  "gale, storm"

All through my life, folks I've met would hum or sing a few bars of the lovely song,  "Mona Lisa," made famous by Nat King Cole.  For the umpteenth time, it's NOT my name ;-) but after so much repetition over the years, and with the tragedy of losing a beloved husband much too soon tucked into memory, I do sometimes feel that I've learned a bit about her sad "mystic smile." 

Listen to the master: 


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