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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

W.W. Haddix Cemetery

WW Haddix Cemetery
Memorial Day 2005

Highway 15 at Lost Creek, Kentucky

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 This family cemetery is located beside Highway 15 at Lost Creek between Jackson and Hazard. Heading toward Hazard it is on the left, just a bit past Riverside Christian Institute.
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Burials in this cemetery (incomplete list)

William Washington Haddix

Orlena Deaton Haddix
Wife of William Washington Haddix

Arthur Haddix
 September 19, 1889 - May 18, 1974
Second child of W.W. and Orlena Deaton Haddix

Maude Noble Haddix
 July 31, 1892 - March 20, 1939
Wife of Arthur Haddix

Ollie James ("O.J.") Landrum
July 8, 1912 - November 9, 1979
Second child of Albert Sidney and Laura Back Landrum
Husband of Blanche Haddix Landrum (daughter of Arthur Haddix)
U.S. Army Veteran - World War II

Blanche Haddix Landrum
March 27, 1924 - August 8, 2011
Daughter of Arthur and Maude Noble Haddix
Wife of Ollie James Landrum

Edith Haddix DePew
October 5, 1916 - February 9, 2007
(as of August 2011 - there is a date error on her tombstone - these are the correct dates)
Daughter of Arthur and Maude Noble Haddix
Wife of Levi DePew

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