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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Breath of Life from Breathitt

Fun at Lost Creek, ca. 1950
Fun at Lost Creek, ca. 1950
Nephew, uncle, cousin-in-law,
who's keeping track?
James Alan Landrum, Philip Haddix,
Leslie Phillip Carnahan,
Albert Lloyd Sallee


There's a charm about Kentucky,
found in not another place,
And the breath of life from Breathitt
is a gift to any race.

I have sailed the balmy ocean,
I have trod this old earth o'er,
I have pierced the secret jungles,
where was never man before.

My heart has soared towards heaven,
felt the darts of hell below,
I have climbed high up the mountain,
tried the darkest vales below.

I have made a billion dollars
with the ciphers turned around.
I have vied for fame and honor,
just to find it all unsound.

And my friends, I tell you truly,
all is vanity and loss
Were the Bible not our Guide Book,
nor we take up Jesus' cross.

And when my day is over,
and I have crossed the tide
Let them lay my sleeping body
in the hill near Riverside.

-- J. Gordon Drushal

J. Gordon Drushal was the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Drushal,
founders of Riverside ChristianTraining Institute at Lost Creek, Ky. 


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