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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daisy Hill Gourd Works

Old-time mountain traditions and skills were treasured at the workshop of Anne and James Landrum for many years on a mountainside in western North Carolina.
The "gourd works" produced a variety of artistic gourds. James said, "In visualizing how each gourd might end up, we always try to maintain its  natural qualities. For the most part, each piece is decorated and embellished with nature's own materials - sea grass, pine needles, reeds, and beads. Classic simplicity is our guiding principle in designing each piece. The Studio's work is displayed from Philadelphia to Atlanta, from the Bluegrass of Kentucky to the Hill Country of Texas. Travelers from New York, Florida, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Texas, and the Ohio valley have found the small and busy workshop where we are always ready to welcome guests and share our passion for mountain skills. Each unique piece is named and serially numbered."

Dream Catcher
Native American influence with beaded feathers and a hand- woven dream catcher
Cattails and the graceful curves of "snake" gourds elicit a breezy bay air
Dogwood Blooms
A carved edge  complements pastel painted  blooms
Holes in One
Abstract hand-carved holes with pine straw edging
Kentucky Derby
A corded edge and woven stripes race around a dark field
Geometrically arranged baby gourds in various finishes
Ruth's Pitcher
Featuring a burnished bronze finish and unique shape, ready to lift onto a shoulder
The Phoenix
Extensively carved design in light and dark relief
Ties That Bind
Leather lacing graces a hand rubbed, leather-look finish

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